Al Davis drops character nukes on Cable

al davisIf you watched the press conference Al Davis gave yesterday to announce Hue Jackson as the new Raiders Head Coach, you’re probably still shaking your head at what you saw, and laughing a little a bit every time you think of it.

Let’s flash back to early in the NFL season when the Raiders were hot, the organization appeared stable and the Raiders looked like they might be contenders. Turns out there was much more going on behind the scenes.

This press conference reminded all football fans about many things, namely, that the Raiders organization though rich in history is rich with nothing but scandal and inner turmoil at the present. Secondly but perhaps most importantly, Al Davis doesn’t need to be in front of a camera for any period of time, though for the sake of comedy we hope he hangs on till they pry the franchise out of his cold dead hands.

This is not just about physical appearances. Granted, Al Davis looks like he came out of his crypt a little to early and caught too much sunlight, but he’s looked that way for years. This about a man in his eighties with a penchant for airing dirty laundry in press conferences and not taking shit from anyone.

Sure it’s funny and entertaining, he’s taken character shots at Lane Kiffin, and now he’s dropping character nukes on Tom Cable. But deserved or undeserved, the question is whether this type of stuff is press conference material for announcing the hiring of a new head coach?

Of course, as the owner, Davis has every right to say whatever he pleases about his past employees, but it doesn’t exactly make the Head Coaching position the most attractive job in the NFL.

For some reason, Davis felt the need to make it clear to everyone that Tom Cable is unprofessional and not suitable for the Raider way in addition to being a loose canon who is physically and verbally abusive to fellow coaches and women. How’s that for a reference?