Weekly Poll Results

London Affiliate Conference Party HighlightsIt’s the time of year when the igaming conference schedule heats up. So for our weekly poll, we decided to find out how many gaming conferences our readers will attend in 2011.

The runaway winner was 1-4 gaming conferences in 2011, with 62% of voters keeping their attendance under five conferences.

The combined total of 5-8 and 9-12 accounted for 20% of the vote. 3% chose 13 or more so it’s safe to assume that the people choosing to attend a baker’s dozen of gaming conferences probably are in charge of setting up tables or have veracious appetite for the notorious conference parties.

What was most surprising in the weekly poll results is that 15% of respondents said that they wouldn’t be attending any gaming conferences in 2011. Perhaps they don’t realize how integral the gaming conferences are for making contacts, doing deals, expanding your affiliate networks and meeting your allies and competitors face to face.

If you aren’t attending all of the conferences, you need to make some decisions as to what gaming conferences you want to attend, check out CalvinAyre.com’s Gaming Conference directory under our Gaming Directory.

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How many gaming conferences will you attend in 2011?
1-4 (62%)
None (15%)
9-12 (12%)
5-8 (8%)
13 or more (3%)

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