Bettorlogic signs up Victor Chandler to Livelogic


bettorlogic-signs-up-victor-chandlerBack when sports’ betting was confined to the humble high street bookmaker or at the game itself, your mates would often be urging you to bet on this that and other whilst you breathed in the dying embers of a Marlboro Red that had just been stubbed out. Online sports books have meant that instead of cigarettes you can have all manner of pornography or online games on in the background while still betting.

In-play betting has emerged as one of the things that differentiates online sports betting from going to the bookies and Victor Chandler have announced an addition to their in-play platform that they hope will boost the amount of wagers taking place.

Bettorlogic has launched its in-play bet stimulation product, Livelogic, with Victor Chandler in the hope that it will offer their customers more “reasons to bet” on 30,000 live soccer matches every year.

Mike Falconer, CEO of Bettorlogic commented: “We’re delighted to see Livelogic integrated so directly into the Victor Chandler in-play experience. We’ve long been confident of its ability to improve in-play betting performance and it’s great to see it in action through another of the world’s leading sportsbooks.”

Their product generates around 40 prompts per match and has proven a success since its launch last year. During last summer’s World Cup it increased in-play market performance by 300%.

“Victor Chandler is committed to offering the best possible in-play experience and the Livelogic technology is a unique and exciting addition to our platform. We expect plenty of positive feedback from our customers,” said Paul Louis, COO of Victor Chandler.