Gambling banned on Grizzlies flights

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tony-allen-oj-mayoAnti-gambling forces working against any type of sports book betting in the US will be pointing fingers, toes, and just about anything they can get hold of, at the latest scandal to surround the NBA.

We saw in late 2009 that commissioner David Stern was open to relaxing the long-standing anti-gambling rules that exist in North America’s professional basketball league. This preceded the league announcing that sports wagers would again be taken in Ontario using the sports book company Pro Line.

Then we come to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Players on the team were happy as Larry to be gambling on flights between games and no one seemed to have much of a problem with it. That was before the mayo got spilt all over the place – literally.

Well not literally but it did involved the Grizzlies’ OJ Mayo and Tony Allen getting embroiled in an altercation with each other over some kind of gambling. Reports that they were betting on how much mayonnaise it would take to drown OJ aren’t to be baulked at, but there will be such action on future charter flights back to Memphis.

“We’re in a confined airplane, and things get heated. I’m done with it. No more gambling. I told my guys if they read a book that would be good. They have to entertain themselves in a different manner,” told the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

Thankfully the Grizzlies aren’t one of the teams flying over to London for the NBA regular season game in a couple of months time. If they get a little preoccupied coming back from Los Angeles, god knows what would happen on a long flight to the capital of the iGaming universe.


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