BRIEFLY: More French licensees; Sportech loses tax claim; Will Hill’s racing app

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sportech-french-william-hill-racingLike Tom Sawyer somehow convinced all those kids that whitewashing that fence for him was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon, French gaming regulator ARJEL has somehow found five new suckers for its much maligned regulated market licenses. The latest squadron of kamikazes includes two poker dungeons ( and and three service providers (Herve Schauer Consultants, OInoven and Intrinsec).

Sportech plans to appeal a recent ruling that the betting company is not owed any refund over taxes paid on its Spot The Ball game. In April, Sportech had filed a claim stating that the game, which is played by over 40k punters each week, was a game of chance and thus shouldn’t be subject to VAT. Despite this belief, Sportech had somehow felt it proper to pay tax on the game for the past 17 years, but now they wanted the £40m they’d paid out returned with interest (which could have brought the sum to £150m). Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs effectively said ‘bollocks’ and suggested Sportech go play Spot The Loser.

William Hill has teamed with Racing Post on an iPhone horse racing app. Essentially, the app allows users to scroll through the Racing Post’s info, segue seamlessly into a Will Hill betting screen to place a wager, then follow the results of the race with the Live Reporter function. Racing Post’s Mark Renshaw claims the free app has been downloaded 200k times.


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