Italian Romanello wins EPT Prague; Serbian drunk saves Red Sea Poker Cup

ept-prague-romanello-shark-serbianWith three Italians among the final eight players, Italy had a pretty good shot at having one of its countrymen take the EPT Prague main event title. Sure enough, Roberto Romanello rose to the occasion, and is now €640k richer, just in time for Christmas. The rest of the field cashed out as follows: Emiliano Bono (€435k); Marcin Horecki (€247k); Peter Skripka (€163k); Marco Leonzio (€130k); Jan Bendik (€100k); Manuel Bevand (€71k); Roberto Nulli (€54,550).

Meanwhile, a Serbian drunk has saved an Egyptian beach resort from the jaws of a killer shark. Sharm El Sheikh, currently hosting the Red Sea Poker Cup, had been plagued with a string of shark attacks on swimmers, but at least one of the suspected culprits has bothered his last bather.

According to the Macedonian International News Agency, a blind drunk Dragan Stevic asked a friend to hold his beer, then took a running jump off a seaside diving board. After noticing that Dragan “didn’t make as much splash as we thought he would,” Dragan complained to his friend that the water ‘was not that soft’. It seems that Dragan had cannonballed smack dab on top of a submerged shark’s head, killing it instantly in the shallow water. The grateful resort community has rewarded Daredevil Dragan with a free vacation, but he’ll have to wait to cash in, as he’s currently in the hospital suffering from alcohol poisoning.