Is Randy Moss done?

It’s been a complete zoo of a season for Randy Moss, a man once considered the best wide receiver in the game of football. It wasn’t that long ago Randy Moss was posing for pictures with Tom Brady and shattering records in the NFL. It wasn’t that long ago that Randy Moss was the baddest man on the field. Now, he’s nothing more than ghost on the sideline.

Let’s just say, things haven’t gone well since Moss was scooped up by the Titans. Moss has a grand total of 18 catches on the year, and there’s no need for further embarassment by listing his total yards and touchdowns here, it should suffice to say those numbers are basically non-existent. In fact, any other receiver in the league with Moss’s numbers would probably be working at K-Mart by now. Shit, a part time German prostitute caught more balls last night than Randy Moss.

Thursday Night in front of the entire nation, the Titans took on the Colts in a game both teams needed to win. The Titans had lost 5 straight games and would end up losing their sixth to the Colts 30-28. If you didn’t know better, you would have said Randy Moss was out of the lineup. He might as well have been, Moss did his best casper the unfriendly ghost impression, catching zero passes and being throw to a grand total of zero times. Moss didn’t even get onto the field until the second quater.

It was a disgrace for a player that was once so dominant. But how much of this is on Moss? If you never throw to Moss, not even one deep ball, how the hell can he help the team win games? It’s shocking that not one single play was designed to target Moss. Sure, the Titan might be trying to use him as a decoy, but a decoy has to have some element of threat to it.

Maybe Moss has lost a stride or two, maybe he’s lazy, maybe NFL coaches have heard and seen enough of his act. Is Randy Moss done? Who will Randy Moss sign with in the offseason? He hasn’t been complaining much in his diminished role, could he be trying to show that Randy Moss can be role player? Have we seen the last of the touchdown catching Randy Moss?

Personally, I wouldn’t bet on it, but there are those who believe the end is near.