Titans scoop Randy Moss

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It’s a little surprising to me that there wasn’t a bunch of teams lining up to put bids on Randy Moss after he was placed on waivers. Brad Childress has said that it was a mistake to trade a third round pick for Randy Moss, which isn’t all that accurate. Actually, what the Vikings really did was trade a third round pick for nothing and a Randy Moss contact. And yes, that was a mistake.

The Tennessee Titans were the only team to step up and put a bid in on Randy Moss. As much as I like Randy Moss, there’s no question he has his own baggage and there’s no question that at times his attitude and his ego can rub management the wrong way. But no one has ever questioned him a teammate. And while the Vikings fiasco may have been enough to scare some teams away, the Titans after losing Brit to a hamstring injury had no choice but to scoop moss.

Here’s the danger, Moss is a legend, his presence alone in that locker-room could rattle the weak minded. What happens if he starts barking at Vince Young? We’ve always known that Young is his own worst enemy with what goes on between his ears, what if he now has to deal with Randy Moss barking in one of those ears, talking about “Throw me the rock son, I’m trying to eat.” Things could get dicey. Good thing the Titans have a real coach and a real leader in Jeff Fisher.

One would expect Randy Moss to be on his best behavior and for him to turn it on as a Titan, he is still seeking a contract and his last stop in Minnesota isn’t exactly helping his cause. Have we heard the last of the drama and antics from Randy Moss? Will he start scoring touchdowns and making plays for the Titans? Or will he turn Vince Young into a head case? Props anyone? How many touchdowns will Randy moss catch in his first game as a Titan? How many catches will he have?

He said from now on he asks the questions and he gives the answers…Will we see more interviews like this?


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