eGaming Review’s exclusive interview with Denise Coates


egr-coates-interviewWhen you were younger, it was likely your mother told you all kinds of myths. Eat up your carrots and you’ll be able to see in the dark was one of my favourites, but all it seems to have done in my case is to make my hair that one shade brighter of orange. Alas, another of the modern myths as it were is that things come in threes. Whether good or bad, there’s always a trio around.

The mantra is obviously the thinking behind eGaming Review’s posting of an exclusive interview with the founder of Bet365, Denise Coates. Coates is a very private person to the extent that the only photo of her currently available is the one she posted to her Facebook page in support of the current NSPCC campaign. Now, we’re told the likeness to Penelope Pitstop is purely passing but how are we to know?

In the interview, the founder talks about everything from their reluctance to ever float the company to the importance of having a global reach. As it’s split into three parts, click for the first, second, or third part, and you can decide whether it was an occasion when good things came in a three, or if the final article was simply third time lucky.