Bodog puts up with the a lot, but not tights


bodog-tightsIf you think of the highly paid profession that is a football, something that you may have thought about in the past is whether you could become a modern day Robin Hood. Apparently, looking at the latest craze to hit the Premier League, the players themselves have beaten you to it – tights and all. Thankfully Bodog has come to the rescue though., has decided to ban tights in the Premiership and Championship for betting purposes and will refuse to acknowledge any contribution from players wearing tights in this weekend’s major matches.

Effectively, with any market affected by Men In Tights punters can strike out of their reckoning safe in the knowledge that if your bet comes 2nd to a Man In Tights you will still be paid out. So, if you have backed the draw in a game and a Man In Tights scores to make them 1-0 winners, you will still get paid.

Equally, if you back a first goalscorer market and your player is second on the score sheet with a Man In Tights first, then you will be paid. The same will be applied to all correct score markets and half-time/full-time markets too.

Ed Pownall,’s Brand Director, commented: “We’ve put up with hairbands, gloves and some absurd haircuts over the years but somebody has to draw the line…and tights is crossing that line.”