Are you happy now Cleveland?

You can hate me now!

He came, he saw, he tossed powder in the air, he heard boos and chants and then he kicked the shit out of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s all LeBron James did in his return to his less than homely state. Cavs fans were jacked up for the King’s return. You could feel the evil energy emitting from the place as soon as they announced his name.

The game had a feel of importance to it, even though, truth be told, it was really just an average Miami Heat team playing against a below average Cavaliers team. For their part, the Cavaliers showed just how little heart they had, or depending on how you look at it, just how much they truly loved LeBron. Instead of being upset at a man who supposedly betrayed them, it looked like J.J Hickson wanted to give LeBron a hug and a kiss. Perhaps the fact that Cavaliers fans were trying to chant De-lonte should point to some truth to the rumor that Delonte got it on with the King’s mama. And if that’s true, it explains some of the recklessness and distaste in which LeBron left Cleveland. But that’s pure speculation, the facts are LeBron showed everyone in Cleveland why they call him the King.

James had one of those games where if you didn’t know any better you’d say this guy was the greatest basketball player on the planet, and some probably would still take that leap. He didn’t score 40 points, but 38 points in 3 quarters was impressive nonetheless, and Cleveland fans can be sure that Akron doesn’t hate that. If the Cavs had any heart at all and were able to make a game of it, that heart would have been ripped out of their chests and LeBron probably would have went dropped a 50 spot. As it was, the NBA world played witness to just another crushing defeat for Cleveland basketball fans as the Heat romped the Cavs 118-90.

Somewhere, there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this. All of that negative energy they expended towards LeBron, it clearly hyped him up and carried him to his greatest game of the season. LeBron was gracious after the loss, maintaining that he harbors no ill feelings towards the city in which he began his NBA career. So Cleveland waited five months for his return, five months just to have him return and remind everyone why he’s the pride and joy of their state. They greeted him with boos and hurled insults to get their points across, and in return, James got his points across, all 38 of them. Are you happy now Cleveland?