Mohawk poker dens on warpath with Canadian government

Not a recognized representative of the Mohawk Tribe

Man, the Canadian government seemingly loves to stick it to the First Nations people about one thing or another. In the past it was for land, but in recent years online gambling seems to be the issue du jour. Now it appears that the provincial government of Quebec has set its sights on the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, where it has cracked down on three First Nations poker dens for what refers to as “semi-legal” live and online gambling tournaments.

It seems the Quebec government’s refusal to sign off on the legality of the games is fucking with the Mohawk tribe’s money as the games semi-legal status has prevented the tribe from establishing partnerships with foreign governments and thus finding a new source of revenue.

The tribe gains much of its income from its agreements with foreign regulators in Malta and Antigua, that allows the Mohawk tribe to offer its online casino games in foreign markets.

Unfortunately the state-run Loto Quebec runs the gaming industry like the Mafia, and they aren’t keen on competition so they aren’t about to let the First Nations operate without kicking up to the right people. It seems their tactic may be working, as a representative of the Mohawk council recently announced a meeting with the provincial government to establish some sort of agreement.