Another day in Paradise


paradise-pokerSportingbet haven’t been having the best time trying to make friends just recently. They went off boasting a little too much after Unibet finally accepted their Facebook friend request and now it looks like there’s no way back for that friendship. To think that all they really wanted to do was add a little bit of green to their logo. Now all they can be is green with envy.

In the past Sportingbet has built up quite the network of friends on various social networks and this is now standing them in good stead. All the liking of statuses has paid off, and Entraction has now agreed to extend their partnership to cover the network in Canada.

Entraction already teams up with the company in Europe already, and their CEO Peter Astrom commented: “Entraction has enjoyed a successful cooperation with Sportingbet since last summer and we are proud that they have trusted us to also take care of their Canadian players on”

The news is certainly a lot better than the last couple of months the two companies have been having.