Trump Atlantic City venues see job cuts


donald-trumpDonald Trump earlier this year let go the majority of his stakes in three Atlantic City locations. Rumours were that Der Donald needed a brand new set of platinum combs to embellish that squirrel of his, before putting it up for auction at the turn of the year. It looks like Donald did the right thing in leaving all but 10% of the business to bond holders though.

Today has seen 250 employees laid off at Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and Trump Marina Hotel Casino venues. CEO Bob Griffin explained that the workers laid off include both executives and hourly workers. According to Griffin, the cuts are expected to be the last during the company’s restructuring, but he also didn’t rule out more cuts in the future.

Another theory on these layoffs could be that the jobs that will in fact be taken over by the losing contestants from Trump’s yearly Miss Universe Pageantn. If there were one thing that will attract a certain demographic back to their casinos in Atlantic City, a few scantily clad hot women wouldn’t be a bad idea. Failing that get the cast of Jersey Shore to help – it’s local after all.