What will happen to Lebron in his return to Cleveland?

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It is Cleveland...

Much of the discussion about the NBA this season hasn’t been about the things that would normally be important, like how the Spurs are back in contention, or how the Lakers have put together the best team they’ve had since Shaq was in Hollywood, or how the Boston Celtics have reloaded or how the Jazz, Hornets and Thunder are not to be slept on. The chatter is about the Miami Heat, a team barely above .500, and now the buzz has shifted to Lebron’s return to Cleveland to face his old team.

On Thursday night, every NBA fan will be tuned in to watch the prodigal son’s return the place where it all began. He won’t be welcomed back with open arms of that much we are certain, but there is a great deal of uncertainty of what will happen. You can’t say for sure that the Heat will even win the game, they’ve proven that they are capable of losing to anyone. But there’s more questions that need to be asked, and it should be sportsbooks asking those question, giving those propositions for bettors to bet on.

Will Lebron James do his powder thing? The response should be immensely negative, does he have the nerve? Of course he does. The other thing that needs to be considered is will anything happen to Lebron while he’s in Cleveland? The team arrives in the city as the second game in a back to back, so there won’t be any time for them to take in the wonderful sights in the city of Cleveland…Not that they are missing much, just ask Joakim Noah. You never want to hear about a fan doing something evil to a player for any reason, but it is Cleveland, and they did burn his jersey mob style.

Will they shower him with beer as he comes out of the tunnel? It only takes one person trying to be a local hero, as the guy who poured beer on Lebron James. He might even receive season tickets and a key to the city. Seriously, though, what’s going to happen? Is some crazy fan going to throw a marble or a battery at Lebron? What about the other side of the coin, will Lebron have his best game of the season? His worst? Will he record a triple double? Will he score 40?

One thing is for sure, this is far from just another game in the hearts of everyone that will assemble in Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday night, get your Lebron James return to Cleveland odds up!


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