England drift even further after Panorama


england-odds-driftingEngland’s bid to bring the World Cup “back home” in 2018 has taken more hits than Antonio Margarito’s face, however, you still sense that the British public are still half-confident that it will be returning for the first time since 1966. Last night saw the airing of FIFA’s dirty laundry in public by the BBC, as Panorama investigated alleged corruption at the world governing body, which may have been another blow to the already seemingly doomed bid.

Today has also seen the re-reporting of a story on David Beckham’s sex life in many publications, and the only thing that would blight this even further would be a Royal being implicated by Wiki Links. Oh, that actually happened too, should have accepted all those lavish gifts from the Qatari’s in the first place. There’s a lot we could have done with a couple of billion barrels of oil, apart from using it to cook loads of curry.

“While the programme did not seem to suggest anything which would have a direct impact on England’s bid there may be a public backlash against the conditions imposed by FIFA which, it was suggested, the Bid Team is prepared to go along with,” said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

“FIFA representatives may also not be that impressed by some of the allegations levelled against them.”

This was accompanied by the odds for the English that have drifted to 3/1, Russia sitting pretty at 4/6, and Spain/Portugal in second at 11/4. The only thing left now is the English bid team to release those photos. Russia and Spain/Portugal will know what they mean.