Weekly Poll Results

Anyone who plays poker will tell you that it’s a game of skill. That is unless you suck, then it’s a game of chance, and the chances are you’re losing money to someone who has the skill. The World Series of Poker Main Event final table was a huge success and the game is arguably one of the most played around the globe and continues to gain popularity. With the game being so popular, prices on E-bay for the many WSOP bracelets being scalped must be pretty competitive.

These days you can damn near play poker anywhere, from a land-based casino, to your regular poker night at a friend’s house or like everyone else aside from those in Washington State, online. Where do you get your poker on? We polled the question “Where do you play most of your poker games?” Here are the results.

Not surprisingly, in first place with 38 per cent of the votes, most people play on Online Poker Sites. No surprise there, the accessibility and comfort of playing in multiple games and or tournaments at once is pretty tough to beat.

Oddly enough, in second place with 24 per cent of the votes, the response was “I don’t play poker”. I say the same thing, even though I do play, it’s a savvy move, it’s like a bluff…Just put it out there, maybe people will take you lightly at a table. I gotcha. Sure you don’t play poker.

Tied for third place with 14 per cent of the votes was At Home Games and Facebook Poker and in fourth place on the list with just 7 per cent of the votes was playing at a Casino. Casinos can be intimidating for the novice player so that’s not all too surprising.

Rounding out the list in last place with just 3 per cent of the votes was At a Dedicated Poker Room.