Miami Heat in trouble

Aside from the fact the Miami Heat have looked only slightly above average and players are already making comments about the inexperience of their head coach, the Miami Heat are in trouble for another reason. The Heat have just lost the heart, hustle and soul of the team in Udonis Haslem.

Haslem went down with a foot injury that will see him out at least until February. There’s not a position on the floor that could have hurt the Heat more. The Heat already struggle to rebound and already struggle to defend the post, and now without Haslem that problem is only going to be magnified. Chris Bosh had better get beck into the gym and start bulking up.

Help is on the way, it has been reported that Erik Dampier, the ageless forward is getting ready to sign with the Heat. With Dampier, Juan Howard, Jerry Stackhouse, agewise, this team is heading in the wrong direction. But’s let’s face the facts, it’s not really about winning this year.

How long before Spoelstra gets the axe? Does Spoelstra make it to the end of the season? What if the Heat drop below .500, does Spoelstra even make it to the new year?

Riley usually on jumps in when a championship team is already in place, just ask Stan.