Mayweather has another three years hiding left

mayweather-pacquiaoIt’s now been around eight days since Antonio Margarito looked like he’d been 12-rounds with the bionic man and he may just be able to see himself in the mirror properly – it’s hardly odds on though. Such is the dominance that Manny Pacquiao has enjoyed in recent years, it would hardly surprise anyone were he revealed as the secret love child of Terminator and Wonder Woman.

There will be one man that is more scared than most at the news that the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is going to be around for at least another three years.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather hasn’t become known as the man who’s scared of Pac-Man for nothing, and now has another three years to continually duck a fight with the Filipino. There is another option Floyd – man-up and take the fight. The worst that will happen is that you do a passing impression of Ricky Hatton.

The fact that Pac-Man is fighting on for this much longer will be music to the ears of anyone involved with the fight business. The fans will love it, the bookies will be inundated, and there will be money by the million. Balls in your court now, Floyd.