Oh no, not Oden, not again

The Portland Trailblazers have been one of the most hobbled teams in the NBA in the past few years. Everyone from star players, to role players, to even the head coach gets hurt. The latest star player to get hurt is Greg Oden, yes, Oden, again.

Oden has successfully undergone a bout of microfracture surgery on his already surgically repaired knee. He will miss the remainder of the season, again. It’s reached a level of ridiculousness with Oden who is beyond injury prone. In fact, it’s rare to see Oden healthy, even when he was in college he was only playing with one hand. Yet for some reason, the Trailblazers chose him over Kevin Durant for a player that has yet to make an impact. De ja vu? Didn’t the Trailblazers pass up on Michael Jordan?

The problems with Trailblazers now extend past just Oden’s injury. The face of the franchise, Brandon Roy has also been sidelined with chronic knee injuries. Last April, I have to admit, I saw this coming. Roy was hurt then, yet he was still playing. One would think NBA teams learned something from what happened to Grant Hill, but Portland continued to gamble with Roy’s career. Now Roy has bad knees and can’t play with any type of consistency.

So now, the Trailblazers have decisions to make. Will they resign Oden? Some team will if they don’t, but the bottom line is that he’s proven he can’t stay healthy. The guy is made of glass, plain and simple. Sure, he’s effective when he’s on the floor, but he’s never on the floor. This is his second bout of microfracture surgery and he’s only 22 years old…allegedly.

When you look at Oden, he looks like an old man, he looks like he’s 40. At this point I’d like to see a birth certificate, because he is injured as easily as, well an old man would.