IG Markets sponsors Team Sky cycling team


ig-markets-team-skyAs far as tests of endurance go there’s far easier ways I could think of measuring yourself than the Tour de France. For one, most people reading this tablog would probably agree by taking part in an all-week drinking contest to prove their “endurance”. Poker pros, although having to concentrate for very long periods, have an infinitely better time than Tour de France cyclists. None of this has put off the new sponsor of Team Sky, CFD trading firm IG Markets.

Team Sky, the broadcasting giant’s cycling team, will carry advertising on their collar and saddles in all events starting with January’s Tour Down Under in Adelaide and including the jewel in cycling’s crown, the Tour de France.

Tim Howkins, Chief Executive of IG Group, commented: “Although we have sponsored sports teams in the past, this is certainly our most significant venture so far. Cycling is currently going through a renaissance and we believe it has a specific appeal to our target audiences. We hope that our commitment to Team Sky will help them continue their pursuit for success, while helping IG Markets promote its products to a growing, worldwide audience.”

Whether Rupert Murdoch and chums are going to be riding for the team is not yet known. With the money being pumped in and them bearing the Sky name it’s not going to be long until they start to experience prolonged success.