Auction for Peter Eastgate’s WSOP bracelet hots-up

peter-eastgate-braceletWhen Peter Eastgate quit the only job better than landing the reporter’s gig at, he’d probably forgive you for criticizing him. Was he really going to head home for a lifetime watching videos on Hell, with all the tournament winnings he could probably start his own pornographic video site. Maybe call it “the gateway to pornography online.”

Eastgate seems like he may be trying to get rid of all traces of that lifestyle though as he has put up the WSOP Main Event bracelet he won in 2008 to the highest bidder on eBay. God knows whether he it would actually sell, and I’d doubt Eastgate even cares who buys it. The poker world has certainly turned its collective head at the highest profile bidder on the bracelet so far.

Tony G stated on his blog that he would be bidding $17,500 for the bracelet so that his dog looked the part when they go to the Aussie Millions Main Event this year. He’s quoted as saying “I don’t expect any further bids and as I know there are very few people with the heart and courage to challenge a determined Tony G.” Double that figure and it still won’t get you any closer to the bracelet, Mr G.

As of just now the price is up to $45,100, and if you feel like you may have the toughness to battle it out with Tony, then follow the eBay link.

While we’re here, are we not the only ones who are slightly perturbed by the fact that Tony G hasn’t even won a WSOP bracelet himself? Maybe his plan all along was to claim it for himself.