Tony G wins the €25k Triton Short-Deck event at partypoker MILLIONS Europe

Tony G wins the €25k Triton Short-Deck event at partypoker MILLIONS Europe.

Tony G takes down the €25,300 Triton Short-Deck event during the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe event in Rozvadov with Yake Wu finishing second.

Tony G wins the €25k Triton Short-Deck event at partypoker MILLIONS Europe.He was once a poker player, then a member of European Parliament (MEP), and now he’s back at the tables – Tony G has taken down the €25,300 Triton Short-Deck at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe in King’s Resort, Rozvadov.

The Lithuanian All-Time Money earner recorded his ninth live tournament win in a lightning bolt of a competition that educated the MILLIONS masses on the game with the 36-card deck.

It’s G’s first victory since 2017 when he won a 32-entrant $25,000 ARIA High Roller for $353,280, and his All-Time Money needle has moved north of $6m after banking the first prize of €237,250.

It seems the €25,300 price point was a stiletto too high for newcomers as 27 Short-Deck regs hit the tables on Day 1, including Mr Phil Ivey (yes, it wasn’t an illusion). By the end of the day, only seven had windpipes intact, and Tony G led the final hoard.

Final table chip counts

1. Tony G – 2,305,000
2. Leon Tsoukernik – 1,700,000
3. Yake Wu – 1,685,000
4. Cary Katz – 1,025,000
5. Liang Yu – 525,000
6. Paul Phua – 453,000
7. Choon Tong Siow – 405,000

The action

Leon Tsoukernik had won €25k and €50k High Rollers before, as well as finishing fourth in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl, and he was playing on his turf. Yake Wu finished runner-up to Andrey Pateychuk in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Card Player Poker Tour Main Event in July for a career-high $336,497. Cary Katz cashed in the €100k Triton High Roller, finishing fifth, and Paul Phua sat down for his 17th final table at a Triton event.

Phua wouldn’t extend his record 16 ITM finishes to 17 after running QhJH into the AdKh of Tony G, with the G-Meister General rivering Broadway.

The bubble boy was the Liang Yu, the winner of the £50,000 Short-Deck event during the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in London. Yu lost Ah9h v JsTd after Cary Katz rivered a straight flush.

Choon Tong Siow was making his seventh final table at a Triton event, never making it into the top two spots. He will have to wait for another punt at breaking that record after exiting in fifth place for €61,000.

Then we lost Cary Katz after the Poker Central founder moved all-in for 245k, and found callers in the shape of Jake Wu and Leon Tsoukernik. The action checked to the river on AsKh7sTsAc, and Tsoukernik took the pot with KdQh beating the KxJc of Katz.

Three-handed chip counts

Tony G – 5,100,000
Yake Wu – 2,350,000
Leon Tsoukernik – 730,000

Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik are good friends off the tables, but fiercest enemies on it. Tony G bust the King’s Resort owner when 9d7c beat Ah6h, after flopping trip sevens, to set up a heads-up encounter with Yake Wu.


Tony G – 6,130,000
Yake Wu – 1,970,000

Wu fought back, but G ground him back down when Kc7c flopped trip sevens to beat pocket eights. Then Wu suffered five near-death experiences before in the final hand of the tournament, Wu moved all-in with AdJh, and Tony G called with pocket tens. Yu flopped a gutshot, but Tony G rivered a full house.

It’s safe to say; he was happy with the win.

ITM results

1. Tony G – €237,250
2. Yake Wu – €163,000
3. Leon Tsoukernik – €104,500
4. Cary Katz – €75,500
5. Choon Tong Siow – €61,000