Mobile Gaming the best way to keep dollars in Vegas casinos

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas on a road trip with your crew, you realize that by day four or five of drinkin, gambling and carryin, on, much has changed. For one thing, your body starts to feel like a separate part of your being as the heat, the amount of reckless partying and late nights begins to take its toll. It’s about that time that most people pack up and head home.

It’s that five day range that Vegas casinos are able to scoop as much dollars from visitors, but what about the other 360 days of the year?

The 2010 G2E hasn’t been just fun and games. Much of the talk at the 2010 G2E has been about mobile gaming and the impact it can have for Vegas casinos and the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has provided a platform to display a plethora of new mobile wagering games.

I don’t claim to possess a time machine, but anyone in the industry will tell you that future success will depend on being competitive in world where online gambling is held in the palms and fingertips of gamblers, not at a computer console or land-based casino. People love to gamble and they love to do it with ease, iPhones satisfy the need, that should almost go without saying.

Already handheld gambling devices are being used in Vegas. The eDeck is a handheld mobile gambling device found at many of the top casinos in Las Vegas. The wireless gadget lets gamblers play electronic casino games and even bet on sports from any spot in the host casino, from hotel rooms to bars and restaurants. It’s all about convenience, and the eDeck’s popularity has grown.

Despite the uncertainty in online gambling laws in the United States, the G2E has certainly been a wakeup call for many Vegas casinos to get their online presence up to snuff and begin implementation of a mobile gaming system to stay competitive in the future and keep more dollars in Vegas casinos well after the weekend benders.