Bookies clear up on Harrison’s night of humiliation

haye-hits-harrisonIf the bookies are to be believed, then a large majority of the country were duped enough to think Audley Harrison actually had some chance against David Haye. In reality, it was like watching someone with one arm shackled to the ground fighting a man with hands quick enough to steal your wallet without you even knowing he’s there. At odds of 6/1 in a two-man fight what do you expect though? Had to be worth a cheeky punt, didn’t it? Or not…

Harrison produced one punch of note during the approximately eight minutes the fight lasted and gave the bookies a good night’s work. It’s why they all quaffed and guffawed while the punters poured the money onto a man who can hardly string a sentence together. Maybe he was just petrified that David Haye had actually managed to sort a gang rape on him in the ring.

“David may well be a financial beneficiary of his third round victory, and it was certainly an expensive round for us – costing us a hefty six figure payout, however, we decided to take on all comers who wanted to back Audley and deliberately remained industry best price, so with punters deciding that the value for money bet was a Harrison victory, we cleaned up on the fight overall – which produced a record industry betting turnover for a world title fight between two Brits of in excess of £5million,” said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Obviously now we’ll have to experience the cat and mouse game that is the Klitschko’s and Haye trying to get a fight organised, and then failing miserably. Meanwhile Harrison should take a leaf out of Antonio Margarito’s book – it’s called a fight for a reason after all.