Miami Meat

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I’m just wondering how many people have torn their ACL’s or sprained their ankles while jumping off the Miami Heat bandwagon. Probably the same people who pulled a hamstring running behind that bandwagon when it was too full to jump aboard.

The best thing about it is bettors don’t know what to think anymore. Their confidence is rattled. Should they bet for the Heat or against them? Who cares, as long they keep betting! And they will, hell I will, the Heat are just too fun to watch lose, and win at the same time. But they have bigtime issues moving forward and no legit team should respect them right now, especially if that team has a premier point guard and low post player.

After another disappointing loss to the Boston Celtics last night, the Miami Heat aren’t lighting the NBA on fire like many thought they would be. Already with four losses on the year the hopes of winning 70 games are all but gone. To be real, that was crazy talk in the first place. It’s even crazy talk right now to be talking about a team’s future just 9 games into the season. But there are some glaring inherent issues in the Miami Heat camp that don’t seem to have an immediate remedy.

First of all the Heat can’t stop any of the premier point guards in this league or match them at that position but that’s the least of their problems. In the NBA, size does matter! And the Heat aren’t packing, they’re small inside. They have no size on the block and even the Boston Celtics, who are 26th in the league in rebounding, grabbed 9 offensive rebounds against the Heat. Boston dominated the Heat with points in the PAINT, which has been the story all season long for Miami, they currently sit dead last in that category both in points allowed and points scored in the PAINT. You see a trend here? Even their starting lineup will probably change as Joel Anthony is not a good fit as starting center on this team. Is Joel Anthony a starting center on any other team in the Eastern Conference? The guy is a great shot blocker and makes an excellent big man, if he’s coming off the bench to give a real NBA starting center a rest. So the Heat are getting out rebounded, and outscored where? In the PAINT. Over and over again.

Paul Millsapp turned into James Worthy against the Miami Heat dropping 46 huge points mostly on Bosh’s dome. Emeka Okafor, not really known for his scoring, he turned into Olajuwan against the Heat, dream shaking his way to a 26 point 13 rebound night, while shooting 12-13 from the field. What the hell is that? That’s no inside resistance at all.

"It's your fault"

Good teams will completely dismantle Miami, much in the same way Boston did. Because they are so soft inside, they must bring help on any low post touch. If you watched the Celtics last night, that ball went inside out, and it seemed the Miami Heat were always in defensive rotation, often leaving Ray Allen, the deadliest shooter on the floor wide open. 35 points later from Jesus and it was a wrap. It didn’t help the Heat that Wade couldn’t hit water if he fell off Riley’s yacht.

It’s not one person’s fault, the Heat are simply an incomplete team at the moment that rely on mid-range jumpshots and hot three point shooting to beat good teams. They’ve got nothing on the block and they’re not running with efficiency because they’re still getting used to each others style and the offense. And you can tell, that Lebron is still trying find the perfect mix of when to defer to Wade and when to take over. He’s erring on deferring too much right now, which may not be a bad thing since it is Wade’s team, but for how long will that be true?

All that said, I’ll point the finger anyway, and it’s at Chris Bosh. All I’m saying is how is it possible that Bosh is skinnier, weaker, and less physical than he was last year? He looks about 30 pounds lighter, and that’s not from his haircut. I guess he figured after signing that new contract with Heat, he could lean out in the offseason. I guess he figured there’s no need to be strong inside, it’s not like he’s in Toronto where he’ll have to bang around with guys on the low block, after all it’s South Beach, just look cool. Honestly, I don’t understand it. I almost want to say Bosh was a beast last year, he was hungry, he had games where he grabbed 20 plus rebounds, we’re not seeing that from him this year, not even close. And I don’t think it’s from lack of effort, he’s simply not strong enough to do that at his size right now. I saw Riley taking notes last night, I’m wondering if one of his notes was to purchase some HGH for Bosh. Sure Stern won’t mind, if it’s for the good of the Heat League.

Ok Sportsbooks, who has odds on Spoelstra getting fired and just how long will it take before that happens? Will Riley slide back in there?


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