No marijuana in Amsterdam and alcohol worse than heroin in England. What’s the world coming to?

alcoholAs we come towards some of the most important mid-terms in US history, Internet gambling and marijuana are the two biggest issues that could be affected by whatever outcome we get come later this week. Republican gains are likely to affect Internet gambling a massive amount but the situation on marijuana won’t change that much. California are hoping to be one of the states benefitting from the taxing of marijuana and it could get to stage where we have legal marijuana but still no Internet gaming. It’s maybe fitting then that two European countries are looking the other way entirely.

The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, has long been a chilled out place you can go and legally smoke marijuana in “coffee shops” and get away with it. More than one of your friends will have stories about this and it’s completely normal. The new coalition is pushing for powers to convert these shops into private clubs, excluding tourists. The world’s current economic conditions you’d have thought would discourage this sort of thing – obviously not.

Then there’s the British.

Sacked government drugs advisor, David Nutt, has released research that suggests alcohol is “more harmful than heroin and crack.” Now either this guy doesn’t much enjoy gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on or he simply doesn’t believe alcohol has enough of an effect on him anymore. Whichever it is, it’s a fairly stupid argument. Maybe Nutt might now realise why everyone’s treating him with such disdain.