Paul the Octopus to star in betting film

paul-octopus-filmIf you look at the title of this story and the fact that it contains the words Paul the Octopus, you’d be forgiven for closing this page down through eight-legged boredom. If you calculated the amount of column inches the German-based creature has taken up over the past six months, you could fill a rather large room with the evidence. Although after already this week opening up the conspiracy theories on the his demise, the same Chinese woman has announced the film that she’s been working on.

“Kill Octopus Paul” isn’t the nicest of titles and to be truthful it will likely be a straight-to-DVD flop but the subject matter of the film itself may well be rather interesting. The fictional thriller follows a group of Chinese football fans who travel to the World Cup in South Africa. Their mission whilst there is to uncover an international betting cartel.

“I really like soccer and I love the World Cup. But I know the World Cup had a lot of people betting on it,” said Xiao Jiang, the director.

“So when I started to think about making this movie, I wanted to film about people who, because of betting, encountered some sticky situations.”