The ICC’s secret fetish is to be undercover cops

LorgatThe summer really couldn’t have gone any worse for cricket if they’d tried. Obviously everyone who doesn’t follow the sport found it all rather exciting and a welcome break from the “boring” nature of the game. Amidst Twittergate, starring Kevin Pietersen on numerous occasions, and the now infamous match fixing scandal it seems the ICC had plans afoot.

It’s become apparent that in order to combat the fixing problems that have plagued the sport for a number of years the ICC are sending undercover agents posing as illegal bookmakers. The “bookies” will approach players with their best bookmaker get-up on and attempt to persuade cricketers to bet on matches. Any player who is approached and doesn’t report it will be reprimanded can expect to be reprimanded under the ICC anti-corruption code..

”It is only a tentative plan at this stage we are working on a number of measures to combat corruption.
”We are not sitting on our hands on this issue, we are being as proactive as we can in ensuring the integrity of the game is maintained,’ chief executive Haroon Lorgat has revealed.

That’s right because to be a good honest bookmaker we will need see what you’re doing with those hands. Heaven knows what you’re doing sitting on them though!