Rooney on his way according to American site

Wayne RooneyEver since Wayne Rooney’s summer of holidays, and love (notice no football involved there) his performances on the field for Manchester United have been castigated. Now that the tabloid merry-go-round is well and truly in motion everyone and their wife think that young Wayne will be going to same way as many have before him; out of the Old Trafford door.

Sir Alex Ferguson is not known for his patience when it comes to players causing an obvious disruption which is why it’s thought Rooney’s days are numbered. If I were United and could get somewhere in the region of £50million for him I’d sell. In Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez they’ve got a partnership and with the loose change why not splash on Roman Pavyluchenko from Spurs? Even a Gareth Bale to go with.

The case for Rooney is that on his day he can be the most explosive striking talent in the world. However, most people are trying to find out which day is in fact his – Rooney’s not even sure himself. As far as the one against Rooney I’m not going to reel off every single indiscretion that everyone’s favourite scouse rogue has committed, his form on the pitch since March speaking for itself.

Fox's Rooney story
Come January Wayne may in fact seem himself in Madrid, Barcelona, or Milan, we’ll leave the last word to Fox though: Later, wankers: Rooney has told Man U he’s quitting, report says