Iovation vows to kick fraud in the balls for William Hill

Seriously, right in the balls

Who says the Yanks and the Brits can’t get along? William Hill, one of the leading online bookmakers in the UK, has partnered with American software developer iovation to cut back on fraud at the popular online gambling site.

Iovation will be using its Reputation Manager 360, a name that someone at the company has undoubtedly used to describe their penis at one point, as an extra layer of protection against fraudulent players, collusion and financial malfeasance, all while allowing William Hill to comply with UK regulations pertaining to online gambling security.

William Hill Online’s head of risk management, Imri Meir, claims that the new system will bring peace of mind to the company’s clientele of cricket and soccer hooligans.

“Having iovation is simply a must for any business running a gambling or e-commerce platform,” said Meir. “In the fight against increasingly sophisticated online fraud rings, we see device identification and device reputation becoming a standard, necessary part of a comprehensive defense against fraud.”

For their part, iovation CEO Greg Pierson claims that his company’s software will help “keep the bed guys out” and spot bots before it’s too late. Lex Luthor, a spokesperson for bad guys everywhere, could not be reached for comment.