William hill Partners with Iovation Fraud Protection

It’s safety and security first with William Hill. The Uk betting company is doing its part to become one of the most safe and secure operators with its partnership with Iovation Fraud Protection.

The move addresses a growing concern over internet fraud and online fraud activity. William Hill can assure it’s users and protect itself from cyber punks as it will now have access to iovation’s globally shared device reputation database. Now those clammy handed shut-ins that have nothing better to do than try and get over on reputable businesses won’t have it so easy.

The database includes reputation data for over 390 million unique computers and Internet devices. William Hill can now access information pertaining to fraud committed at other iovation subscriber sites giving the company the upper hand in the battle since fraud rings typically target multiple businesses to maximize their profits.

Earlier this year, Sky Betting and Gaming also agreed to a deal to entrust its online security to iovation hoping the move would save millions in reduced fraud loss, improved efficiencies and enhanced customer trust.

Proven device recognition technology, sophisticated pattern matching, and device-based risk scoring, are the defence mechanisms iovation has been uses to combat online fraud and the Portland-based firm has quickly made a name for itself and built a strong reputation from a modest start-up into one of the leaders in its field, boasting the world’s largest database of devices used in online fraud.