Could Apple be online gambling’s best friend?

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The iGaming business in Europe, the birth place of the men’s medium-sized T shirt, has exploded in recent years on the back of liberalized online gambling laws throughout the union and the ensuing rush to take part in this growing industry. Yet while there are a number of factors that have led to this newfound success, many in the industry are attributing the substantial growth of the online gambling community to one man – Steve Jobs.

Yes, the be-turtlenecked nerd behind Apple computers and all things ‘i’ is being credited with bringing online gambling out of the bars and clubs, and into the palm of your hand. It is estimated that over 2 million Europeans are using their smarthpones to place bets, hit the slots or play a few hands of poker. With the iPhone the current king of the European smartphone market, Apple has played a large part of that success.

“The last 12 months or so have provided optimal growth conditions for mobile gambling services,” claims a new report from Juniper Research. “With the growth in consumer smartphone adoption, mobile users are becoming far more comfortable with m-commerce in general, and gambling companies are benefiting from this greater affinity.”


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