Wade injury not so bad

When D-Wade started clutching the back of his thigh in the Miami Heat’s first pre-season game against the Detroit Pistons every single sportsbook, gambler, fan held their breath, some longer than others. For those who bet the farm that the Big 3 in Miami were going to win the championship, their NBA entertainment lives flashed before their eyes. No doubt, the worst thing to happen to this NBA season would be for one of the Big 3 on the Miami Heat to get hurt, Wade certainly gave us a scare, but it turns out the injury isn’t all that bad.

Wade will be out a couple of weeks and he’ll likely not push it until he’s 100%. Now everyone is scared and nervous, and worried about the injury bug. It’s a legit concern, Bosh has a history of injury, but that’s with him carrying the weight of an entire team on his back. And Lebron, I’m not sure the man can be hurt.

This injury to Wade won’t keep him out long enough to miss the first regular season game, so the Heat should be ready to roll by opening day tip off. To me, an injury like Wade’s, happening this early, is actually a good thing, it allows Lebron and Bosh to gain some chemistry and for some of the other players on the Heat to get more touches and find a rhythm which will pay dividends down the road. And it won’t take long for Wade to get back into the flow, he’s Flash, that’s what he does, he flows.