Rank Group announces Q3 figures

rank groupThe Rank Group have got a lot of demographics under their illustrious wing span, and it’s little wonder that they’ve dipped their wick in so many different places given the latest figures that have been released. As a group their revenues increased in Q3 by 8%, and like-for-like growth was up by 7% for the diverse gaming group.

After their gift from the HM Revenue and Customs early on in the year of £42.5million for some dodgy photos they’d got hold of featuring the Queen back in her younger days, and the announcement that they’d be building ten casinos for the masses in the UK, you’d have thought that it couldn’t have got a massive amount better for the company that smell real bad, but it has.

Amongst the results the top performing part of the group was Rank Interactive which saw revenue grow by 26% in the same period as a result of investment in marketing, and the relaunch of the fledgling sport betting site Blue Square, resulting in an improvement in the sports book’s margins. Grosvenor Casinos also saw an increase in total revenue of 12%, and only last month they opened a predominantly electronic casino in the stormy seaside location of Scarborough. Not my first choice of location for a beach holiday, but if you’re in a casino you’re not usually that bothered by sun, sea, and sand as much as you are money, women, and beer.