German man loses his Maltese thousands

empty pocketsImagine it now – you’re a German national so don’t have a massive amount of choice when it comes to casino games and have to use an offshore site in order to have your fun. Then the day comes that you actually end up winning, and by winning we don’t mean like €20 or €30. No. We’re going on about one of those large progressive jackpots, lets say at around €167,500. There’s only one thing that you forgot though – how you got hold of the money that you were gambling away.

After a drunken night a few days previous you had conspired with a friend to win money on the same site perhaps against the spirit of the game, or so the site claims. Now seeing as it’s out of German juristiction, the Maltese authorities would be expected to get involved, however, the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), cannot help him, because Maltese laws clearly state that gambling debts are not enforceable.

This now leaves Helmut/Fritz/Michael/Per/Rudi (delete as appropriate) feeling as if he’s Tom Hanks in the film The Terminal. As for the money; that’s not been added back into the progressive jackpot at the site,
Casino Club, and isn’t in the German player’s account. It’s a mystery!

This does leave the LGA in a perilous position, as if they can’t provide players with the protection they preach about, then what’s the point in them being there at all.