Contador finds a way to beat Lance

ContadorIf you look for a sport that occurs on wheels then you’ll be hard pressed to find one that hasn’t been embroiled in some kind of scandal in the past few months – let alone years. So to discover that doping has again reared its ugly head in the world of cycling probably isn’t the most amazing news of the day, but given the comeback of Lance Armstrong in the Tour de Force saw him performing as a shadow of his former self, you begin to question whether Albert Contador actually won the thing purely because he was on the juice?

To make matters worse a fellow Spaniard, and Tour of Spain runner-up Ezequiel Mosquera, also tested positive to send the country’s s could not come at a worse time. Contador has blamed meat that he eat in the lead up to the race, and he was even told by the International Cycling Union (UCI) that the drug found in his system was thanks to the food contamination. It’s has all left Contador shouting (in Spanish): “It’s an inside job I tell ya, an inside job. They said if I eat this I’ll be able to beat Lance.”