Wagerlogic’s spidey senses tingling

spidermanAs far as a straight off battle between a gaming company and a group of super heroes goes there was only going to be one winner in that fight. That’s where you’d be wrong though.

Wagerlogic, an internet gaming license provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Cryptologic, had been embroiled in a dispute with Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and all the others in the Marvel family in relation to an apparent exclusivity agreement that was included in the original contract that was drawn up when Wagerlogic had agreed to work with the heroes.

After Wagerlogic took the case to arbitration back in April, a settlement was reached today which, for once, seems to be a good deal for both sides involved. The exclusivity agreement has been cut out of the deal so that Marvel can continue their super hero work outside the Wagerlogic world. In the meantime the internet gaming license provider, in addition to being in cahoots with the Green Goblin, were given a reduced rate for the duration of the contract, which has been extended by a year to 2014.