British fibre optic broadband to boost online casinos

fibre opticFinland had the right idea earlier this year when they revealed they’d be rolling out broadband as a necessity to all residents in the Nordic nation, and South Korea has performed admirably by offering broadband at an average rate of 100mbps to citizens. Britain, meanwhile, you feel is lagging behind. Fibre optic broadband is only available nationally from one company, and even then there coverage is patchy. Step forward British Telecom.

Cornwall, the venue of many an abortive camping holiday every summer, will see broadband rolled out to 90% of the county’s homes, including the Isles of Scilly on the end of the peninsular. It’s an ambitious roll-out, but as a trial venue it may well be successful due to the small population and large area in which the trial will take place. The project will take four years to complete, and will, it’s hoped, provide a blueprint for the rest of Europe.

This will be music to the ears of online gambling firms, many operating out of the Mecca of the iGaming industry, London, after iGaming Business already predicted massive growth in online casinos by 2014, just in time for the plans to be rolled out.

The people of Cornwall, instead of searching for the Beast of Bodmin, will now have something else to occupy their time!