BCLC spokesman tries to sell PlayNow baccarat ‘glitch’ as ‘promotion’

BCLC-Spokesman-GlitchIt was exactly one month ago that CalvinAyre.com broke the news that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s gaffe-plagued online gaming site PlayNow.com had a peculiar feature that allowed bettors to earn $97.50 in real cash without risking a penny. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is now running a story in which it trumpets this ‘news’ without giving us any credit, but hey, we like the CBC, so we’ll get over the snub.

The intriguing part of the CBC’s story comes when they queried the BCLC about the ‘glitch’ and the BCLC spokesman had the balls to claim it wasn’t actually a ‘glitch’, but ‘part of a promotion’. For the record, we also don’t think this was a ‘glitch’ – we prefer to think of it as ‘the inevitable result of an inexperienced and overeager operator who rushed its product onto market without first consulting the battle-hardened industry professionals in their own backyard’. But hey, a rose by any other name, right?

But rest assured, tax-paying citizens of British Columbia, whose money BCLC seems determined to fritter away… BCLC’s spokesman claims the glitch won’t negatively affect the company’s bottom line, because ‘most players do not cash out after one hand, even if they win.’ Dude, this isn’t a hand, this is a handout. And these players may not have technically won this money, but you sure as hell lost it.