Betfair offering chance to cry in front of thousands

terryIf you’ve ever wanted to know what it might feel like to full-on cry in front of upwards 70,000 people, then Betfair have quite the surprise in store for you. It doesn’t involve them giving you an ancient Greek style 5 lashes in a packed arena, or even being forced to chop up onions until you’re bawling your eyes out. This is what John Terry so manfully displayed three years back in Moscow – penalties.

Betfair have launched the Penalty Champions campaign to find the best penalty takers amongst their customers. The six lucky winners, three representing each team, will take spot kicks during half time at Old Trafford and the Nou Camp to crown the winners of what should probably be known as the “having a lot of bottle cup.” Also thrown in to the package will be VIP travel to the stadium, signed merchandise, £250 credit in your Betfair account, and the chance to review Wayne Rooney’s last conquest.

Whilst practicing penalties himself at the “Betfair Arena”, Betfair’s Head of UK marketing, Matt Booth, said: “Every fan will want to be the envy of their friends and represent their club at two of the finest stadiums in world football. Hopefully the pressure won’t get to them and we’ll see some fantastic spot kicks!”

Booth’s penalty then ended up in row Z. Best leave it to the professionals there mate.