Fox Poker Club finally set open doors

fpcHaving lived in England your whole life you start to realise that the word delays will dominate your life more than just a bit. Building projects are more often than not either delayed or finished very early – never on-time, that would just way too normal and simple.

If there weren’t any delays it would be no surprise if the country went into some social panic concerning why everything was suddenly on-time. “Does this now mean we also have to do everything on time?” Never fear though, as that day doesn’t seem as though it will be rearing his head any time soon, instead it seems that the centre of the iGaming world, London, and it’s gaming scene, are not exempt from this either.

Fox Poker Club, off London’s Shaftesbury Avenue, has been beset with customary delays for a number of weeks after initially hoping to open last month. “Technical issues” pushed back the opening date, but it’s now successfully opened its doors, and if pictures are anything to go by it looks mighty impressive. Thank goodness for that delay though – otherwise they wouldn’t be offering all players free drinks for today and tomorrow. Who knows what they might be offering were it to be delayed any longer? Free wads of cash for all players?