OpenBet welcomed by World Lottery Association

Formed in 1999 by combining AILE, the World Lottery Association represents the interests of over 140 government-controlled lotteries from more than 70 countries with combined annual revenues in excess of $120 billion.

Not just anyone can get into the World Lottery Association. It’s one of those groups where in order to get in, you have to have earned the respect of the industry. Furthermore, you have to be endorsed in either by two members of the World Lottery Association or by sports betting companies, after which you then have to be approved by the World Lottery Association committee.

Well, OpenBet has just been made as far the World Lottery Association is concerned. The betting and gaming software has been approved by the WLA and now will have the opportunity to help ensure that standards of best practices are achieved industry wide. No doubt, its a huge a step for OpenBet and its global initiatives.

The WLA provides services to members to help them serve their markets better. The WLA’s endeavours to promote corporate social responsibility in lottery operations and improve the public’s understanding of the lotteries’ role in society and responsible gaming issues. The WLA lobbies on behalf of its membership with the support of the regional lottery associations and develops partnerships with worldwide sports federations, and sets worldwide standards in such areas as security and risk management.