Mr Greek man, what does collusion mean?

funny greekThe dictionary definition of the word collusion, reads thus: noun. a secret agreement, esp. for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy: Some of his employees were acting in collusion to rob him.

It’s one thing that Greece really didn’t need right now, as it attempts to get the economy on track using new gambling legislation, but one cabinet minister has been rather…dim/stupid/really just a complete idiot.

Georgios Christodoulakis, Greece’s secretary of privatization, is at the centre of the collusion allegations, after on Tuesday he sent out an analysis concerning the open consultation that took place on Greek gambling regulation. His decision, and this is where it gets interesting, showed him favouring a licensing system where the current gambling monopoly OPAP would act as the mediator.

The problem with all this was that if you were clever enough to check the document properties you would see that it was written by Coustas Foulides, an OPAP employee, and it got ever worse, the acronym OPAP appeared in the document title.

It will present a significant setback for the Greeks, now you can sort of understand why the country was in such a mess in the first place. At least this should exclude the OPAP monopoly from any future legislation though.