OLG CEO fires back at critics

The relatively newly hired Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation is firing back at critics. Paul Godfrey was hired as the new CEO of the OLG and was charged with the responsibility of cleaning up the so-called mess of reckless spending and mis-management of tax payer’s dollars that critics claimed the OLG had been guilty of.

A year into the new gig, Godfrey is spitting back a critics that the OLG does not spend any more money than other government departments or private business when it comes to perks and bonuses for its executive staff, and hinted that the reports were grossly exaggerated when the Ontario Auditors report was released last year to the open arms of the media.

Of course, it should go without saying that with all the alleged spending scandals reported in the Canadian parliament, Godfrey may have a point, it’s kind of like the pot calling the tea kettle black. Godfrey had a lot of defending to do, check out this video for more on his comments.