Málaga FC & Will Hill end sponsorship deal

TAGs: Málaga FC, Qatari royal family, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, William Hill

Málaga FC, the Spanish La Liga football club has confirmed reports that its sponsorship deal with UK bookmaker William Hill has been officially terminated.

The news of this comes after just one year into the three year agreement. It is said that both parties agreed to terminate the sponsorship under mutual consent, but there’s a very large white elephant wearing a turban in the room. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the club’s new ownership has everything to do with the termination of the William Hill sponsorship, and you could see it coming from a desert mile away. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family, purchased the majority stake held by Málaga club president Fernando Sanz for a total of €36m in June, and since then it was only a matter of time before William Hill would be dismissed.

Muslims don’t much like gambling, and don’t much like online gambling, in fact Muslims appreciate gambling about as much as they appreciate infidels dating their daughters. Therefore, having William Hill as a sponsor, well, it almost goes without saying they don’t much like that either, they consider it immoral. But an eye for an eye, is all good.


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