Jets can’t Handle Ravens or Ines Sainz

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It must be pretty tough to be a reporter for the New York Jets. Let me rephrase that, it must be tough to be a pretty reporter for the New York Jets. If you’re not having to listen to ridiculous self hype from Rex Ryan or deal with the macho bravado this team which has yet to win anything gives off, then you’re likely being sexually harassed. Whether it be cock shots from Brett Favre like Jenn Sterger experienced or having footballs thrown at you while being verbally chastised, you can expect that and probably much more or much less depending on how you look at it, from what is becoming the NFL’s most classless and over-hyped team.

Ines Sainz, a gorgeous Mexican female reporter went into the Jets
lockeroom to interview fellow Mexican Mark Sanchez, it was there that she was treated with the utmost disrespect from the rest of the New York Jets. There’s no excuse for that type of behavior, you’d think a bunch of multi million dollar NFL football players would be used to seeing a gorgeous girl now and again. You don’t see New York’s real team, the Giants doing that kind of stuff to reporters… Guess it’s slim pickings and sloppy seconds usually for the Jets.

You know, I might have been able to shrug this off as just another case of guys filled with abnormal amounts of testosterone being guys, I mean, she is extremely sexy, it’s kind of like waiving a sirloin in front of a pack of hungry bears…But, the Jets didn’t win on Monday Night, so they get no free passes this week. Not only did they not win, they looked horribly inept on offense. It should suffice to say that Mark Sanchez was who we thought he was, which is, Mark Sanchez and not Tom Brady, not Peyton Manning, not Drew Brees, and not even Matt Cassell after what I saw last night.

The NFL will be investigating this matter and the dictator commissioner Roger Goodell will likely be laying down the law to make sure this type of thing never happens again. Have some class men, save the smack talk for the hook pieces.

Okay, now having gotten the political correctness out of the way, Ines Sainz is seriously a smoking hot babe. I mean she is sexy in every single curvy way you can think off, and in a sick and slightly
disturbing way, I’m a little glad that this happened, because at the
very least, we now have sexy pictures of Ines Sainz to admire. Also
let’s face it, this type of exposure and the classy way in which she’s
handling it, by letting the NFL deal with it as opposed to taking it to
the courts, will do wonders for her career. And looking at that body,
she’s got a very promising future BEHIND her and ahead of her. Just
trying to see the glass half full and just keeping it MAN real.


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