Chinese website offers made-to-order DDOS attacks via ‘the cloud’

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Chinese-Website-DDOS-AttacksWanna know how much Chinese authorities hate online gambling? Online operators servicing Chinese customers were already all too aware of the crackdown that began early in 2010 and only started tapering off at the conclusion of the World Cup in July, but not before thousands of ‘criminals’ were arrested. Yes, because online gamblers, and those who offer services to online gamblers, are criminals. And apparently, because they’re criminals, you’re allowed to commit crimes against them without fear of reprisal by the state.

Case in point, the launch of a new Chinese website dubbed IM DDOS, which offers ‘customers’ the ability to order distributed denial-of-service attacks against the enemy of their choice. Reps from online security firm Damballa claim that the attacks are powered by a fairly large botnet, and that the IM DDOS site even offers ‘technical support’.

So how does a site like this, with “all the hallmarks of a commercial website” exist right under the noses of those über-vigilant, ever-intolerant Chinese authorities? Well, IM DDOS claims that only ‘non-legitimate’ servers – such as those hosting gambling sites – are considered eligible targets. Get that? In China, online gambling operators are vile criminals, while malware creators are plucky entrepreneurs. Stay classy, China…


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