German law would restrict recruiters from snooping your Facebook profile

German-Law-Recruiters-FacebookA draft law being considered by the German gov’t would place restrictions on the right of businesses to snoop through a prospective employee’s social networking profiles. We here at believe in self-determination, including the right to spend your hard-earned money where and how you want to, for instance, at an internationally-licensed and regulated online gaming site. That said, we also believe that if you voluntarily post something profoundly personal and/or embarrassing onto the net, well, whatever ramifications result from such revelations are nobody’s fault but your own.

Gaming industry employers extend a lot of trust when they hire someone, often giving that person access to proprietary information that competitors would love to get their hands on. It’s only natural that employers would seek to use all the tools at their disposal to learn as much as they can about a prospective employee’s character, habits and history before handing them the keys to the kingdom. Who knows, if Facebook was around back in the industry’s formative years, we may not have been saddled with a lot of the numbnuts currently making the rounds. Read more.