Gambler sues NetSpend to recoup online gambling losses

Gambler-Sues-NetspendSeems lots of folks are a little disgruntled these days. The latest example is a Massachusetts gambler who is suing financial services company NetSpend for having the gall to allow him to do what he wanted to do, i.e., gamble online using his NetSpend-issued credit card. Naturally, he’s now claiming that online gambling is contrary to the law of the land as laid out in the UIGEA, so he’s suing to recover his losses, and for (we shit you not) the ‘emotional distress’ he’s suffered as a result of NetSpend having treated him like a responsible adult.

If you needed any more proof that this guy is a few aces short of a full deck, be sure to click through to read the barely intelligible wording of his formal complaint. Highlights include the listing of Count One as “Neglience”, the identification of the UIGEA as the “2007 gambling enforcement act of 2007” and his demand for a “trail by jury”. We hope NetSpend fights this, because we doubt this moron could even find the fucking courtroom without the help of a GPS unit and a seeing-eye dog. Read more.